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Our Philosophy

Dance in synchronicity to the music, our hearts, and emotion.


Our Club History

Club Founders became Roundalab members in 1998.

The InSync Dancers Club was founded in 1999 by Peter Gomez in San Diego CA.

The "Happy Feet Round Dance Club (HFRDC)" was formed by Dale & Maxine Springer to promote Round Dancing in the Phase I through V level. The HFRDC merged with the InSync Dancers Club in February 2000. 

The InSync Dancers began accepting dance lesson payments through PayPal in 2000.

The InSync Ballroom Club was founded in February 2008 to promote Round Dancing in the Phase IV through VI level. The HFRDC focused on promoting the Phase I through III level.

The InSync Dancers relocated to Denver, CO in February 2009.

The "
InSync Dancers Channel" was launched on YouTube in April, 2010.

The "
InSync Dancers Facebook Page" was launched in December 2011.

The InSync Dancers received their
Roundalab 15 years of Service award in June 2012.

The InSync Dancers began accepting credit/debit cards in October 2012.

The InSync Dancers joined
Yelp in October 2012.

The InSync Dancers became
ICBDA members in November 2012.

Our Club Founders & Instructors

Peter & Chama formed their dancing and teaching partnership in 2001. They have presented dance workshops at regional and national conventions in many cities across the USA. Today, Peter & Chama teach in the Denver, CO area.


Peter & Chama Gomez are our Founders and Instructors.